Sunday, September 9, 2012

Personal Finance Software

AceMoney is software for managing personal finances and family. With this software you can record revenue and expenditures, accounts payable, accounts receivable, assets and investments. You can also make a financial budget, financial planning, and also look at your family's balance sheet.

AceMoney is software that can be used to make notes about your personal finances, good records of money going out and money coming. Thus, the course will assist you in managing your personal finances.

I'm sure you must have experienced it is not clear where your money went missing or ran without apparent where they lead. I think things like this more often experienced by women.

So easily, AceMoney will assist you in managing your personal finances. In addition, the feature of the software is also fairly complete, you can create a Cash Flow is also based on a transaction that you did during the last 30 days.

In addition the software also comes with a financial advisor and a financial calculator. The financial adviser will show you the financial condition include total assets, total liabilities, total income, net worth, monthly living expenses, etc., and will provide analysis and advice on your financial ratios.

While financial calculator contains a calculator to calculate the education fund, pension fund, the value of money, investment, loan and charity. This software is a package of applications that are reliable, easy and affordable and not inferior to any other personal financial management software particularly similar software from abroad. If you are interested to try it, you can download the trial version for free.


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