Sunday, September 9, 2012

Personal Finance Application

Here's a collection of software / application that you can download to use as a tool you can control your spending money.

With the software / application is expected to financial management will be more organized and well-planned and well-being will certainly look clearly at where and how your money has been used.

In difficult times like now that any expensive store and need the money, we are required to more discipline again in terms of financial management, particularly in terms of spending. In order for our expenses monitored well, I have an application that can do that. This application is named Personal Finance.

With the help of application Financial Controller or Finance is personal, we are required to record any spending discipline in what we do, a time to take a few minutes to do something like this, before bed or while eating lunch in the office.

Besides easy to use, Personal Finance has an attractive interface. You can also set up them into the Indonesian language, making it easier to use. Before the financial records, you should prepare first bill you receive daily expenses. This could be the initial data for managing your financial flow.

Personal Finances Pro 5.0

This is an application that manage your personal finances. The program enables anyone to manage personal income and expenses with ease. Personal Finances will help you control your finances - understand where your money is going, determine areas of excessive spending and reduce unnecessary costs. It is easy for beginners to get started with this application.

AceMoney Lite

With AceMoney Lite, free financial software, one can easily organize and track spending, build budgets (financial budget), tracks the performance of investment in, making reminders / reminders for bill payments and recurring payments, create reports and pie charts and do more thing. And it's all free.

GNU Cash

This program is suitable for all of us who want to learn personal financial arrangements, ranging from simple things though. The program is also capable of being used for things that are very complex and free to use. GNU Cash is easy to use in recording transactions. More simple than a journal, with the existing automated system GNU Cash lets reduce the mistakes we made ​​as the manual recording.

Express Invoice

Express Invoice is equipped with a dynamic interface, intuitive and simple layout but still professional. Although quite simple, but this application can give satisfaction to you to oversee the financial management that you do very well. In addition, Express Invoice also serves to provide labels and instructions on any transaction that has been done.


This free software is really designed to facilitate you in managing personal finances. It looks very easy for your friendly in its use, also equipped with a detailed financial analysis, powerful filtering tools and graphic display that is easy to understand.

Money Manager Ex

Is a free software and open source, easy to use to keep track of where, when and how your money is spent. All will be seen clearly and in detail.


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