Sunday, September 9, 2012

Car Finance Application

Purchasing a car with a credit system so loved by consumers. This way consumers get the car you want in an easy way. Consumers can simply bring the car to the house "pretty" by providing down payment and personal data as well as great income.

Lots scattered finance companies (Multifinance) provides credit facilities. In theory it is easy, but if you are not careful in managing finances might ease the credit should actually lead to financial difficulties.

Credit new car purchase easier for those who have a desire to get a car in installments. Dealer that offers a diverse selection of easy car loans with easy terms as you apply for a credit card.

Some things you need to know when will file a new car purchase loans, will make your life more comfortable. If too hasty apply car loans without planning, it can disrupt cash flow and your financial and family comfort.

- Never buy or apply for a new car purchase loans only prestige. Consider carefully when you start thinking about buying a car on credit appropriately. Do you need it because it deserves to be a top priority in benefits such as effective and efficient.

- Choose a car loan that has a small amount of time bill payments as short as possible. Did a search and services company that offers car loans to find information while doing the comparison.

- You need a second opinion even if you take money out of your own wallet to get the car you want. Opinions of others still need to be heard as a consideration or even a reference that facilitates car loans, because they might not have the experience that you feel.

Here are tips to get a car loan you do not pester your finances:

1. Select the appropriate source of financing

Currently there are two financial institutions that finance companies (multi) and banks. Banks have smaller flowers than multi, only tighter credit application process. Vice versa with multi. Should you choose bank financing as a top priority, because if you are experiencing financial difficulties can reschedule loan payments.

2. Choose a car as needed

Choose the car that suits your needs. Encourage discussion of other family members before making your choices and decide to buy a car.

3. Price surveys

After deciding which type of car you want, the next step to find out the best price offer. Ask the price of the car to several different dealers for the type of car you want.

4. Prepare DP and payments according to ability

Prepare a down payment (down payment) before buying a car. DP typically ranges between 20-30 percent of the total price, not added to the administrative and other costs. Arrange DP according to the ability of credit that will not faltering.

5. Make sure the credit period does not exceed the age of economical cars

After determining the DP, the next step is the credit period. Choose the credit period does not exceed the economic life of the car. Because if it exceeds 5 years, you should have a budget for car repairs. Choose the credit period under 4-5 years.

6. Provide a reserve fund for risk

You should also think about the possibility of co risks when financial difficulties. In addition to car installments, you should still set aside a portion of income for special savings when there is risk, among others, by insuring the car (All risk).

7. Avoid cash advance loans

Do not use the proceeds of a loan from a financial institution or bank in order to increase the down payment. Because, you're just having two installments duty, doubled to bear.


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