Sunday, September 9, 2012

Business Financing Application

Now most people consider that getting a loan at the bank is easy, as long as there is no guarantee. Their opinion is not exactly wrong, because maybe there was limited knowledge of the procedures financing (credit) itself. Or some even angry because the loan application was failed when the collateral pledged Collateral Coverage plan, even worth far enough.

Keep in mind that the marketing will do Short Study on potential borrowers, which in conclusion whether the customer deserves funding or not. A prospective customer who has a good business but the nature and his demeanor is not good, most likely his request was failed. Alternatively, a prospective customer has collateral worth 300%, for example, of the nominal ceiling raised, but no effort at all then, the application will be rejected even 98% (in the micro-finance segment).

Analysis conducted by the banks against potential customers usually varies, depending on the financial institution. There are Dual Control there are only done by one person alone. Its Dual Control is usually split the task to two people, the first job searching and collecting data and doing some quick research on the feasibility of prospective customers, people who both perform deeper analysis of the customer to make the analysis of Financing Memorandum to be submitted to the Finance Committee.

Most customers order disbursements accelerated marketing requested go with all kinds of excuses and marketing can help match job description. But whether or not be passed, Finance Committee has the authority took the decision. Seeing the number of people who use the Bank as a means to increase business capital, I felt the need to provide less likely filing tips for financing or loans that are individually be passed by Committee on Finance, including:

Having good manners and morals
Having a well-run business at least 2 years
Save neat memorandum of purchase / sale of goods
Keep a simple record of income and expenditure of effort every day.
Do not make the mark-up on your financial statements.
Having a mortgage and to pay installments
Having a good business management.
Not included in the BI blacklist.
Never allow personal data such as ID cards expired or no ID / Card Family
Speak according to the situation of your business, do not be exaggerated, because marketing will know if you are lying.
Realistic in applying nominal loans, according to the capacity of the business
It's better if filing an application file at the end of the month financing, as banks began to close the books that could be the beginning of redemption.
Entrusting your files with designated staff.


Collateral Coverage: Collaterals / guarantees are used in accordance with the value of the loan. Usually the loan value is 80% of the value of the collateral.
Short Study: a brief analysis of the business debtor.
Finance Committee: Some people do a small meeting to decide whether the loan application is accepted or rejected. Usually the members of the committee is the head branch, marketing manager, and account officer. it can be adjusted based on the format of the existing organizations in the financial institution.


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